The Sunstream SunLift SLX™

The Best Just Got better.

SLX Boat Lifts


The SunLift SLX is the only hydraulic lift that has adjustable width bunks to achieve an ideal boat fit. Additionally, the boat height over water can be set with an adjustable lifting range up to 6.5 feet. The frame can also shift laterally to minimize the distance of the boat to dock to allow safe boarding every time. Sunstream SuperBunks™ softly cradle the hull and will last for years without wear. The Superbunks™ act as spring beams, which spread the load over the entire bunk, creating a comfortable resting spot for your boat without pressure points.


The hydraulic system is the heart of a hydraulic lift and is key for reliability and performance. The SunLift SLX never compromises on durability with all stainless steel cylinders, a patented shaft boot with scrubber and scraper seal, double braid stainless hoses, and stainless fittings. The SLX has elite performance with a premium pressure balanced pump (vs a basic fixed gear pump) that has up to 20% more efficiency, higher speed, quieter sound, and does not lose lifting capacity over time. The SoftStop™ eases the hydraulic power for a smooth finish to the top position.

SLX Boat Lifts


The SunLift SLX modern frame has a beauty that is worthy of displaying your boat. The frame has superior stiffness with the cylinders aligned with frame, fewer bolts, and a set bolt to remove movement in the leg socket. The Sunstream SLX boasts the best range of specifications on the market, with the highest lifting range, shallowest water depth, fastest speed, and capacities to 30,000lbs. Optional Leg Jacks can give an additional 3ft of range to lakes with seasonal fluctuation. The over-center GravityLock™ gives you maximum peace of mind.







SwiftShield™ – automatic boat cover system
Canopies – protection from sun and debris
Guide-ons – easier and safer docking
Bow Stop – easier and safer docking
Load Guides – lateral guidance
Motorstop – positioning fore and aft
Catwalk – access to boat
Shallow Water Rollers – use in shallow water
Powerpack Shelf – mounting of powerpack
Lights – underwater, canopy or powerpack lighting
Seasonal Wheel Kit
TriLift Bunk Kit – enables select models to be modified to accommodate pontoon boats


Available at:
Sunrise Docks Inc,
Montana Boat
910 6th Street East, Polson Montana 59860
Cell: (406) 250-3685